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04.-06.10.2019 - BPW Berlin meets BPW Poland in Poznan


BPW Berlin meets BPW Poland in Poznan vom 04.-06.10.2019 und übernimmt Teilnahme- und Reiskosten für zwei BPW Berlin Mitglieder.

Du bist BPW Berlin Mitglied und magst den Austausch über Grenzen hinweg? Du teilst gern Erlebtes mit anderen BPW Frauen? Großartig!Der BPW Berlin unterstützt zwei Mitglieder finanziell und übernimmt die Teilnahme- und Reisekosten für das Event des BPW Polen "PEARLS of the REGION - PEARLS of Greater POLAND".

Bei Interesse meldet Euch bei Ina Holley unter


Die Einladung inkl. Programm findet Ihr beigefügt: 


Dear BPW Presidents, Dear BPW Sisters!

The Federation of BPW Poland wishes to invite BPW members around the globe to the capital of GraterPoland - the CITY of POZNAŃ..

We are inviting the interested parties for the first weekend of October this fall.

The City of Poznań lies just in between Berlin and Warsaw (300 km both ways). You can reach us by planes, trains or buses.

We suggest the HOTEL WŁOSKI for your accommodation during your stay here. Address:  ul. Dolna Wilda 8, 61-552 Poznań.

Special rates for BPW guests will apply. 


PROJECT:   PEARLS of the REGION - PEARLS of GreaterPOLAND (Wielkopolska):




Friday, October 4th, 2019


11.00 A.M.   - our tour will start from the hotel reception

12.00 P.M    - Old Square - POZNAŃ (Koziołki, Fara, etc)

  1.30 P.M.   - TUMSKA Restaurant - lunch

                       Cathedral & surrounding area


                                     free time


  7.00 P.M.  - bus to PUSZCZYKOWO 

                     LOKOMOTYWA Restaurant at the old train station

                     Project’s Official Opening

                     Festive Banquet


Saturday, October 5th, 2019


10.00 A.M. - bus trip to ROGALIN - Art Gallery, the oldest oaks in Europe

12.00 P.M. - JAROCIN - Polish Rock Granary - lunch

 3.00 P.M. -  WITASZYCE - The private Napoleonic Museum - supper


Sunday, October 6th, 2019


 11.00 A.M. - bus trip to NEKIELKA - old Evangelic-Augsburg church

                     Concert for BPW Guests

                     Picnic - loco traditional festivities - The POTATO DAY

  4.00 P.M. - return to POZNAŃ


                    free time



- Early Bird - until August 30th, 2019 - EURO  75,00 per person

- Regular registration fee                   - EURO 100,00 per person


Registation fee covers:

- all the specified meals, 

- entry fees for the places,

- the group’s transportation.


BPW Poland’s EURO bank account:




IBAN Bank BNP Paribas in EURO: PL + 30 1600 1462 0006 3787 9861 9041

Address BNP Paribas for the bank transfer: BNP Paribas S.A.

ul. Kasprzaka 10/16       01-211 Warszawa             


This Project I have already introduced in GALWAY at the President’s Meeting.

A large quantity of interested members have declared their will to take part in this event. 


I encourage all Presidents to pass this invitation on to their members!


Your written confirmation of attending this Project will be greatly appreciated. R.S.V.P.




With the warmest regards, 

Katarzyna Bekasiak


Polish Federation of Business & Professional Women (BPW)

+48 604 24 17 33


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01.11. - 03.11.2019

SAVE-THE-DATE: BPW Bundestagung in Berlin


SAVE-THE-DATE: BPW D-A-CH Tagung 2020 in Österreich

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